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Imitation marble aluminum veneer

Imitation marble aluminum veneer

Detailed introduction

Imitation marble aluminum veneer stone touch with realistic visual effects and the three-dimensional effect. Stone and stone grain texture (such as grinding, concave and convex, smooth tactility) can be customized production. A high-fidelity and the characteristics of green environmental protection become the new favorite of many large engineering building fa? Ade decoration.

Imitation marble aluminum veneer and marble, quartz, and so on, compared to traditional stone material is qualitative light, good rigidity and strength characteristics. Not easy to deformation and expansion, convenient installation and disassembly, 100% recyclable. And copy marble aluminum veneer surface using fluorine carbon spraying, color, texture gloss degree is high.

Imitation marble aluminum veneer in the case of a graphic can guarantee that the marble is, he is better than the marble cutting shape, cost less human smaller, determines the authenticity of the stone, stereo feeling and connect fully, also determines the degree of simulation. There is one of the most important advantage is that he's better than marble more resistant to corrosion, easier to clean. Is a kind of follow nature and beyond the products of nature, its strong realistic color texture, grain wear, do not contain formaldehyde, non-toxic, without harmful gas release, excellent quality, is the first choice for high-grade building decoration materials.

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