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Wood-like aluminum veneer

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Wood-like aluminum veneer

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Wood grain aluminum veneer is aluminum alloy as the raw materials, according to the project site design customized size, shape, structure and processing molding, using electrostatic powder coating and vacuum technology to make its surface grain pattern, can be punching, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, alien. Wood grain aluminum veneer and the difference is the surface of fluorine-carbon aluminum single sheet coating, fluorine carbon coating of coating is pure color, wood grain is irregular grain, texture clear, stereo sense is strong, can reflect more texture effect of natural wood or marble, strengthen the decorative effect of workpiece surface. To create a comfortable, warm and natural feeling. Especially the surface pattern is clear, clear texture, high-grade gorgeous atmosphere. Wood grain aluminum veneer is better than real wood has good fireproof performance, heat preservation, sound insulation effect. Wood grain aluminum veneer can be recycled, reduce the consumption of resources.

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