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Hyperbolic aluminum veneer

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Hyperbolic aluminum veneer

Detailed introduction

With the diversification of architectural appearance, hyperbolic aluminum veneer has received more and more the favour of the curtain wall designer.

Due to the hyperbolic aluminum veneer processing is difficult, can the current domestic production manufacturers, a lot of engineering can only give up the original design scheme, lead to the overall effect of the curtain wall is difficult to express the designer's design concept. Company with skin stretching technique and 3 d modeling principle, and solved by artificial before open mold, welding, grinding cannot be achieved by the design process, become one of the few domestic, to mass production hyperbolic aluminum veneer and complex modelling is one of the enterprise. Provides designers with broad imagination and design space, good flatness, panel shows the hyperbolic aluminum veneer on the metal curtain wall irreplaceable unique charm.

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer because can be processed into arc, various geometries such as spherical, therefore is beautiful and elegant, rich colors, adornment effect is good wait for a characteristic.

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