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Introduction of electrostatic spraying process for aluminum veneer of curtain wall

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Introduction of electrostatic spraying process for aluminum veneer of curtain wall

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One of the methods of exterior treatment of curtain wall aluminum veneer is electrostatic spraying. Spray is divided into powder spray and liquid spraying. Joint boya spraying materials mainly for: fluorine carbon spraying, powder coating, polyester coating material with high colour pigments, such as fluorine carbon spraying, touch the friction resistance, resistance under 50 kg touch attack, aluminum veneer without deformation, spray coating without crack, without layer intact, resistance to dilute acid and mortar. Many domestic manufacturers produce the spray powder, weight difference is very big, some powder containing gold scrap this powder in on the wall in the future, change with sunshine viewpoint, day and evening have change, metope colour shades have distinction, choosing powder spray coating and lead to attention. Liquid spray paint spray or fluorocarbon polymer coating, commonly known as fluorinated carbon spray coating, is used to make oil paint fluorocarbon polymer resin, metal finish, and fluorine is the most stable molecules.

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