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How should the curtain wall aluminum sheet thickness choose

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How should the curtain wall aluminum sheet thickness choose

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For aluminum curtain wall veneer thickness of how to choose the problem, believe that everyone has different selection methods, aluminum curtain wall veneer thickness in the word we at ordinary times is the most common in the process of buying, what we need in purchasing aluminum curtain wall veneer when must pay attention to the thickness range of options, general aluminum curtain wall veneer thickness ranging from 0.6 mm to 5 mm, and how to choose a suitable curtain wall aluminum veneer is particularly important, let's to thoroughly understand our curtain wall aluminum veneer, thereby better to purchase.


To the construction of building external wall, external wall aluminum veneer selection is particularly important, in general our roof plate thickness choice is more than 0.8 mm, with thickness less than 0.8 mm on the curtain wall aluminum single sheet in use fixed number of year or above degree of safety to consider what is not guaranteed, because summer thunderstorm season rain a little bit big for thickness is too thin wall aluminum veneer is a fatal damage, take this time after the typhoon happened many clients roof curtain wall aluminum veneer is damaged, we also found in many damaged flame retardant curtain wall aluminum veneer thickness is less than 1 mm, it also suggests that the actually when natural disasters occur, the thickness of the aluminum curtain wall veneer can also play a role, so please don't apply cheaper choice of the thickness of thin plate. It is to choose the curtain wall aluminium sheet that suits oneself manufacturer to use.


Generally when the curtain wall aluminum veneer as wall panel, the thickness of the plate does not need too pay attention to, because, after all, and through a layer of exterior walls and at this time should be more to consider the application effect of curtain wall aluminum veneer, such as to measure the width of the wall, so as to better choose the width of the curtain wall aluminum veneer, make it more beautiful. Only if it is beautiful and practical, there will be more people to choose the curtain wall aluminum veneer.

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