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Spraying steps for aluminum veneer

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Spraying steps for aluminum veneer

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Aluminum veneer of spraying steps aluminum veneer of spraying process and steps of be particular about certain, if not complete steps to reach the quality requirements, usually have fluorine carbon spraying aluminum aluminum veneer veneer and roller two kinds, domestic not stick coating production line, so this veneer of machining process is mainly about fluorine carbon spraying production. Generally speaking, the spraying process of aluminum veneer is not well understood, and foshan jianwei fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturer is here to give you a brief introduction of two kinds of aluminum veneer spraying technology in our country.


There are two main steps for the spraying of the single-board manufacturer: the first step is sheet metal processing. This process is mainly through the process of cutting, folding, bending, welding, grinding, etc., to process aluminum veneer into the shape and size required for construction. The second step is spraying. Spraying is the paint on the finished sheet metal.


There are two kinds of spraying, one is artificial spray, one is machine spray. Machine spray is generally only suitable for the rules of the plate, but this aluminum veneer is used less in actual use, and most of the factories in China are using artificial spraying. Artificial spraying is a dangerous work, because the volatile and toxicity of paint is strong, it is easy to cause chronic benzene series poisoning, seriously affect the health of people.


One of the advantages of the artificial spraying of FSJWJC is that the color can be selected regardless of the size, and the roller coating of the aluminum plastic plate must be a certain amount to be processed. In addition to aluminum veneer spraying, aluminous model board processing than aluminum veneer is more complex, mainly into, coating, composite and trimming the four working procedure, the four other are automatic production process in addition to trimming. From its processing, it can be seen that the aluminum plastic plate has some advantages in environmental protection and safety. Combined with the simple process of sheet metal adding process, some private workshops have also started to dabble in, which seriously affected the stability of the market quality of aluminum slabs.

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