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The influence factors of aluminum veneer price of basic knowledge of aluminum veneer

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The influence factors of aluminum veneer price of basic knowledge of aluminum veneer

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Aluminum veneer usually refers to the construction materials that are processed by fluorocarbon spraying technology after chromization. The aluminum veneer usually adopts a 2-4mm AA1100 pure aluminum plate or AA3003 aluminum alloy plate, which usually USES 2. 5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate; The aluminum composite board adopts 3-4mm three-layer structure, including two zeros. 5mm with PVC or PE. As can be seen from the use of materials, the cost of the aluminum composite plate is definitely lower than that of aluminum. The market is about 4mm thick composite board is about 2. 5mm thick aluminum single board price is less than 120 yuan per square.


In the aluminum veneer industry, the price of aluminum veneer is not casually carried out, it is calculated through the proprietary calculation formula. The calculation methods of each manufacturer may vary slightly, but the overall difference is not very large. There are many factors affecting the price of aluminum sheet, such as raw materials, labor, machinery depreciation, resources, management, etc., among which raw materials are one of the main reasons for the continuous changes in the price of aluminum sheet market.



We all know that the main raw materials for producing aluminum sheet are aluminum alloy sheet and various kinds of paint. Although it may seem simple, there is a lot of contents behind it. Let's talk a little bit about why they affect the price of aluminum slabs.


On the first hand, aluminum alloy sheet is mainly made of aluminum ingots and various alloys. The same thickness of aluminum alloy plates are different in price, which is an important reason. In addition, the thickness will also affect the price of aluminum veneer to a certain extent, even if it is the same aluminum alloy sheet.


In the second aspect, the type of paint will have an important effect on the price of aluminum sheet. If it is fluorocarbon paint, the performance is better, if use the aluminum alloy sheet of the same model and thickness, its price is absolutely more expensive than polyester paint. On the other hand, even the same kind of paint, if the color is bright, the price is more expensive than the normal color, mainly because of the process of modulation.


 The paint is affected by the market fluctuation, but the aluminum market in China is fluctuating, the market fluctuates a lot, which has a big impact. In the end, the price of aluminum sheets often fluctuates.

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