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The ministry of industry and information technology has interpreted the guidance of the building materials industry to strictly prohibit the new production capacity

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The ministry of industry and information technology has interpreted the guidance of the building materials industry to strictly prohibit the new production capacity

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Recently, the general office of the state council issued "about building materials industry steady growth increasing benefits restructuring guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions") under the ministry of industry and the background and characteristics of "opinion" issued, equal the important content of the seven questions. The following are the readings:


1. Q: why do you come up with the opinion?

A: industry is an important basic industry of the national economy, which is an important support for improving the living conditions, managing the ecological environment and developing circular economy. Since entering new century, the building materials industry continued rapid growth, industry scale continues to expand, to accelerate the industrial structure optimization, to enhance innovation capacity, green development progress significantly, two fusion steady progress, increasing international competition ability. Look from the industry, cement, plate glass, in 2015 in China building ceramic production reached 2.35 billion tons, weight of 740 million cases and 740 million square meters, all the world in the first, the large-scale building materials industrial added value accounted for all domestic industrial proportion reached 7.3%; From the point of view of innovation ability, six generations of flat-panel display substrate glass achieve localization, non-alkali high strength glass fiber, high strength carbon fiber and so on to realize large-scale production, large size quartz crucible, breakthroughs in key technologies such as ceramic thin brick preparation; Look from the green development, effective clean production, cement, flat glass industry, the discharge of major pollutants concentration significantly decreased, and the continued growth of building materials industry resources comprehensive utilization reached 1 billion tons; Look from the international competitiveness, exports reached us $2015 in the 2015 building materials, products are exported to more than 200 countries and regions, glass fiber, building ceramics and other international market share in the forefront, cement construction project service have accounted for more than 50% of the overseas market.


But in recent years, in the face of the economic development of our country enters the new normal development and transformation of kinetic energy, building materials industry some long-term accumulation of structural contradictions gradually highlights, cement, plate glass and other industries of excess capacity, lack of part of the product to satisfy the needs of the production, consumption upgrade, industry growth profits down. In particular, completed in 2015 when the industry's main business revenue although increased by 3.3%, but the industry to achieve profit fell 6.9% year-on-year, especially serious overcapacity of cement, flat glass industry profits fell sharply, return on sales is much lower than the industry average. Economic downward pressure on building materials industry, the industry as a whole absolute surplus and structural shortage coexist, good and evil people mixed up and vicious competition is serious, the slowdown in external demand, fair competition environment remains to be perfect, and many other factors, to promote the steady growth, building materials industry restructuring, transformation and upgrading of authors, increase efficiency, better implementation of the state council on resolving the contradiction of severe overcapacity guidance "(guo fa [2013] no. 41)," made in China 2025 "and the state council recently issued a series of steady growth increasing benefits restructuring moves, pays special attention to differentiated ShiCe, reverse the building materials industry downturn, strengthen the building materials industry to promote capacity, short board, the positive energy of cost reduction, issued the" opinions "in a timely manner.


"Opinions" in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" start to issue and implement of will to raise awareness building materials industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading, the major role of the heart cohesion, the building materials industrial capacity to absorb surplus contradiction, promote cement, flat glass industry capacity utilization return to a reasonable interval, promote the industry economy running smoothly; We will promote the supply-side structural reform of the building materials industry, optimize the industrial structure, enhance the capacity for innovation, and accelerate the transformation and development. It is beneficial to standardize the market order, improve the development environment of enterprises and prevent "bad money from driving out good money", and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the development of building materials industry.


"Opinion" is the the past 20 years, the first specifically for building materials industry under the state council documents, fully embodies the concern for building materials industry and support the CPC central committee and the state council, fully shows the building materials industry in the national economy and the important status and role in the development of society, and building materials industry is in a critical period of the big teams, transformation and upgrading, need a programmatic document to guide the industry development.


Q: what are the characteristics of the new opinion?

A: first of all in terms of guiding ideology, the 18th party congress "opinion" stick to determine all the policies and regulations, in accordance with the "five one" the overall layout and the "four" comprehensive strategic layout, firmly set up and implement the innovation, the coordination, the development of the green, open, sharing ideas, to catch the excess capacity, structure distortion, the key problems such as disorderly competition, on the supply side JieChangBuDuan, reduce excess capacity, pushing joint restructuring, improve the environment for enterprise development, strengthen enterprise innovation ability, expanding new, green building materials production and application, actively carry out international cooperation capacity, optimize the industrial layout and structure, effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the building materials industry.


On the determination of target task, "opinion" pay attention to the combination of qualitative and quantitative, combining the current and long-term, stable operation and the combination of transformation and upgrading, insist on a development to solve the contradictions and problems in industry development. To capacity, the "opinions" put forward by the year 2020 to reduce a batch of cement, plate glass production capacity and capacity utilization rate back to a reasonable interval, cement, plate glass production in the top 10 enterprises production concentration of 60% or so; In the area of short board, "opinions" requirement building materials product deep processing level and the proportion of green building materials products will increase steadily, and markedly enhance its capability of high-end product quality and supply, to further improve energy conservation and emissions reduction and the level of comprehensive utilization of resources; In terms of cost-benefit reduction, the opinion is clear that the sales margin of cement and flat glass industry is close to the industrial average, and the total profit of the industry is growing.


In terms of principles, the opinion focuses on the decisive role of market allocation resources, and USES the market forces to reduce excess capacity, optimize the supply structure and promote the fittest. At the same time, give full play to the functions of the government's guidance, through the strict enforcement of environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, such as mandatory standard, will focus on to improve and perfect the market environment of fair competition, and pointed out the developing direction of the industry to guide the allocation of resources to more development potential field; In the process of industrial transformation and development, we should not engage in administrative orders, not make up for rlang, fully respect the enterprise's main position, and make decisions by enterprises to stimulate their inner vitality and creativity. In the work mechanism, the opinion focuses on the synergy of various departments, and strengthens the coordination and cooperation between industrial policies and policies such as finance, finance, environmental protection, land and security, so as to form synergy.


Q: what is the new approach to resolving overcapacity?

A: it is forbidden to add capacity. "Opinions" in the country is sent [2013] no. 41, on the basis of further emphasized by the end of 2020, it is strictly prohibited to put on record and new capacity expansion of cement clinker, flat glass construction projects, and on the policy for the first time in 2017 before the end of the pause between actual controllers of different enterprises of cement clinker, flat glass replacement capacity, the capacity of displacement control can only be in the same actual controller within the enterprise group, this will greatly promote the joint reorganization of the enterprise, industry merger and reorganization unfolds is expected to be true.


The second is to confirm the effectiveness of the previous paragraph. Guo fa [2013] no. 41 after printing, the ministry of industry and information technology, national development and reform commission jointly, other departments took more than two years of cement and flat glass under construction and completed projects carried out a clear focus, now mostly over, the "opinions" further clarify the process the results of the project. The opinion also aimed at the joint disposal of cement kiln and the new production capacity of industrial glass, which blocked the leak.


Third, in the elimination of backward production capacity, according to the law. Strictly carry out "four law a directory", strictly enforce the environment protection act, environmental aspects strictly carry out the energy conservation law in terms of energy consumption, quality strictly implement the "product quality standard", security strictly implement the production safety law and technology, strictly implement the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue (2011) (revised), and stressed the immediately, by the day, 3 months, 6 months period. At the same time, we support enterprises to reduce excess capacity, and set up support policies for building capacity integration platform and production license.


Fourth, the full implementation of the wrong peak production. Organized by the ministry of industry and information technology, to reduce air pollution and relieve the contradictions of serious excess capacity, promote the cement industry and mass transfer efficiency, energy saving and consumption reducing have been held for two consecutive years in the northern heating areas winter peak production of cement, has achieved obvious effect, social effect is good. This "opinion" four is full implementation of the wrong peak production. Organized by the ministry of industry and information technology, to reduce air pollution and relieve the contradictions of serious excess capacity, promote the cement industry and mass transfer efficiency, energy saving and consumption reducing have been held for two consecutive years in the northern heating areas winter peak production of cement, has achieved obvious effect, social effect is good. Further clearly put forward the "opinions" by the state council document heating area in the heating period of comprehensive experiment of cement clinker (including the use of carbide slag) peak production, the other parts of the cement plant and hot summer dog days during the Spring Festival also should peak production, the rational limit production of flat glass industry advocates, on the regional scope, time, industry has expanded, believe to be able to continue to achieve good results.


Fifth, we will carry out pilot projects to reduce excess capacity. Late last year, the ministry of industry and information technology xin guobin deputy secretary of CPC leading group members, made a special trip to jilin changchun research guide to dissolve the cement industry overcapacity in northeast China, according to the situation of research and discussion, put forward in the conditional place pilot implementation can dissolve excess capacity, sum up experience, demonstration promotion. The "opinions" clearly put in place with appropriate conditions to carry out the pilot, the next step of industry and information technology will combine the relevant departments to guide the market relatively independent, high enthusiasm of the northeast, hebei shahe region respectively, to carry out the transformation of cement and flat glass production capacity to save themselves, encourage regional backbone enterprise integration platform, to speed up the joint reorganization, element configuration optimization area, exploring new development path. At the same time, it will guide the market in relatively closed and working conditions to promote the solution of excess capacity.


Q: how do you start with the short board?

A: green building materials, new materials and inorganic nonmetal mineral functional materials such as backward, part of the high value-added products still need to rely on imports, has been difficult to adapt to the upgrading of consumption structure, it is difficult to meet the major projects, and the urgent need of national defense and strategic emerging industries to become "short board" of our country's building materials industry. In the opinion, the focus will be on the following three aspects:


First, we will vigorously develop green building materials and accelerate upgrading of commodities. To implement the action plan for the production and application of green building materials, carry out the evaluation of green building materials, and publish a catalogue of green building materials; Promote cement products, expand the function of cement industry, stop the production of composite Portland cement 32.5 grade, key production 42.5 and above grade product, speed up the development of special cement, cement products and parts products, utilization of tailing waste rock development and construction waste, solid waste, block wall material, low carbon cement and other products; Development of high-end glass and metal products, enhancing the added value of the architectural glass, the application of Low radiation coating (Low - E) glass plate, true () in the empty glass, energy-saving Windows and doors, and other products, the development of agriculture and tourist canopy structure and function of the required integration of glass plate and products; Promote the intelligent individuation of ceramic products, guide the green consumption, promote the thin ceramic tile and water-saving and lightweight sanitary ware, develop multi-functional products, smart home and other supplies; To speed up the updating and upgrading of wall materials, development of essential safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, light weight, high strength of walls and roof material, external wall thermal insulation material, propulsion components factory production, guide the use of renewable resources preparation of new wall materials.


Second, we will cultivate new materials to strengthen inorganic non-metals and create new growth points. Taking market demand as the guidance, adopt the "through-train" mode, accelerate the glass fiber, carbon fiber and its composite materials, glass, optical fiber preform, high voltage electrical porcelain, ceramic separation membrane, scintillation crystals, such as laser crystal product demonstration application the first time, expand the scale of the new material industry; Intensify collaborative research and develop new materials such as fiber reinforced resin matrix composites products for production and testing equipment, improve the level of equipment, automation control precision and stability of production process; We will accelerate the serialization, standardization and low-cost of various new material varieties to better meet the differentiated needs. The basic standard, method standard and product standard of improving the new materials should be established based on the combination of production and study, based on the industrialization production and application requirements.


Third, advance non-metallic mineral intensive processing and develop mineral functional materials. The application of mineral functional materials was studied with the emphasis of graphite, kaolin, bentonite and diatomite. We should strengthen the efforts in the fields of mineral homogenization, purification, ultrafine grinding, gradation and surface modification, and develop special equipment and testing instruments for the production and processing of non-metallic mineral materials. Aimed at the construction of the downstream industry and environment-friendly industry, differentiated development is used for energy saving and fire prevention, filling and coating, environmental protection, and energy storage and insulation of mineral functional materials; In combination with the industrial poverty alleviation, precise poverty alleviation and regional advantage resources, the green intensive processing industry with local characteristics is developed.


5. How to "reduce cost" and "increase benefit"?

A: the building materials industry should implement the national innovation strategy and made in China 2025, focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of development from the following aspects:

First, promote green development. Development promotion of glass furnace combustion with high efficiency, waste heat utilization technology and desulfurization denitration of ceramic kiln dust comprehensive control, raw material dry powder of legal system and continuous ball mill and other technology, improve the level of energy cascade utilization; Encourage conditional area and enterprise implementation of "coal to gas", "coal to electricity" project, to support production enterprise characteristic park gathering, focus on using low cost clean coal gasification fuel and other clean energy; It is encouraged to improve the comprehensive utilization level of glass with silica sand, quartz sand and gravel aggregate used in tailings, waste rock and other resources. We will further deepen pollution control and increase the intensity of unorganized emissions.


Second, we will develop smart manufacturing. We will use the new generation of information technology such as the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing to support the intelligent production of building materials industry enterprises, and build smart factories, smart workshops and digital mines. To promote "machine generation" in dangerous posts such as handling and piling, such as repetitive heavy operation sections and high-temperature kilns, etc. For cement, plate glass, the key to building sanitary ceramics process, to strengthen the coordination between equipment manufacturing, industrial software industry, the development and improve the autonomous control of production equipment and process control system; We will improve the visual management of key parameters such as product quality, pollutant discharge and energy consumption, and improve the quality and efficiency.


Third, implement brand strategy. To play the leading role of the dominant enterprises, to promote the innovation of business mode and business model and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in terms of brand, management and marketing network. We will deepen the application of "Internet plus" in production and operation management, and build an e-commerce platform and a professional logistics network distribution system. In the field of glass products, building sanitary ceramics, stone materials and other fields to promote digital design tools and network collaborative manufacturing, carry out creative design and product customization production; We will strengthen brand cultivation, publicity and promotion, accelerate the construction of local brands, raise awareness and reputation, and gradually cultivate world-renowned brands in consumer products such as kitchen, bathroom and home.


Fourth, we will carry out production capacity cooperation. In accordance with the principle of risk control and business sustainability, we support the willing enterprises to invest in building materials projects along the One Belt And One Road and carry out international production capacity cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

We will actively carry out training on intellectual property rights such as trademarks, build a targeted service platform, establish a "one-stop" service system for trademarks, Copyrights and other "one-stop" services, and guide enterprises to protect rights and rights of trademarks. According to the needs of the international cooperation capacity, and support enterprises to participate in the international standard system revision, increase the intensity of China building materials field standard issuing a translation, driven by product, equipment and investment China standard of "going out".


Q: what support policies should be improved?

A: the first is to optimize industrial policy. To release the technical and product catalogue of the application of the building materials industry and to implement differentiated credit policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, product upgrading and quality benefit of the building materials industry. To study and revise cement product standard, revise concrete product standard, standard of concrete admixture and special cement standard. We will speed up the development of a standard for the control of pollution control of cement products. We will implement comprehensive tax incentives for cement products and promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Second, we will increase financial support. We will implement the control of financial policies, broaden the financing channels through loans, bills and other means, and support all kinds of social capital to participate in the merger and reorganization of building materials enterprises. Three is to explore by large cement and flat glass enterprise backbone, according to the principle of who benefits, who paid, set up special funds for industrial structure adjustment is dedicated to award for active exit of capacity, good employees. Specific charging standards and methods of capital management are formulated by provincial governments to guide local enterprises. Fourth, strict law enforcement supervision. Relevant departments of the people's government at the provincial level to strengthen the construction of project and project tracking, for the country is sent [2013] no. 41 after documents issued by the approved project, for the record, ignition start-up to detailed indicate the specific circumstances, to hide information or violations of the construction of the project, once the report and verified, to make a public announcement, and shall be investigated for responsibility. The relevant units should increase the inspection, punishment and information disclosure of energy conservation, environmental protection, quality and safety. Fifth, the building materials enterprises should install online monitoring system according to law and network with the environmental protection department, and actively disclose the environment-related information.


Q: how to implement the opinion?

A: one is the all localities and departments should further raise awareness, with high sense of responsibility, sense of mission and the innovation spirit, reasonable advance building materials industry steady growth, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, authors work efficiency. Second, the provincial people's government should make concrete plans in combination with the local government and earnestly implement the implementation of the organization. Third, the ministry of industry and information technology and the development and reform commission will strengthen the supervision and supervision of local areas in conjunction with relevant departments to ensure the implementation of all tasks. Fourthly, the industry association should sum up the advanced experience, strengthen the research on the key and common problems of the industry, reflect the demands of the enterprises, feedback the implementation of the policy, and put forward relevant policy Suggestions.

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