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Chinas building materials industry is in a major transition period

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Chinas building materials industry is in a major transition period

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Since the beginning of the new century, the building materials industry has been growing rapidly, the industrial scale is expanding, and the overcapacity phenomenon is becoming more serious. With the economic growth slowing down, the structural contradictions accumulated in the building materials industry have been gradually highlighted. Recently, issued by the general office of the state council "about building materials industry steady growth increasing benefits restructuring guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), is to speed up the building materials industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the development of building materials enterprise authors efficiency realization to erase to deployment. The floor industry has not been named, but it can not rest easy.

China's building materials industry is in a major transition period

"Opinions" pointed out that the building materials industry to realize the transformation and upgrading, healthy development, seize the excess capacity, structure distortion, the key problems such as disorderly competition, in order to promote the joint restructuring, improve the environment for enterprise development, strengthen enterprise innovation ability, expanding new, green building materials production and application, actively carry out international cooperation capacity, optimize the industrial layout and structure, effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the building materials industry.

Today, China's building materials industry is in a major transition period, and its transformation and upgrading will affect the overall development of the national economy. And building materials industry to the joint efforts of the transformation and upgrading of success also need mentioned in addition to the national key industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading, such as cement, glass, floor enterprise as part of the building materials industry, should also be positive response to the policy, do a good job own upgrade, promoting the healthy development of the industry.

Floor enterprise transformation and upgrading is necessary

In recent years, China's flooring industry scale, structure optimization step by step, the innovation, the green and markedly enhance its capability of sustainable development, the economic and social development and people's livelihood improvement has played a positive role. But at the same time, due to the slowdown in economic growth and insufficient market demand, the growth rate of the floor industry has slowed down and the benefits have decreased, and some of it has been adapted to the shortage of products needed for the upgrading of production consumption. Therefore, some experts say, it is also a good idea to refer to the transformation and upgrading process of other industries and draw lessons from the industry.

So, how should the floor industry achieve transformation and upgrading? Experts said that in the opinion, there have been many references to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry. It is necessary to strengthen innovation, improve technology and improve quality, which is also applicable to floor enterprises. In the case that the single-product floor model is increasingly unable to meet the consumers' one-stop shopping needs, the floor enterprises may as well innovate the development mode and move towards the whole wood. At the same time, for enterprises, professional production technology and high-quality products are necessary basic conditions for enterprises to achieve success, especially for floor enterprises. Whoever has a more professional and emerging technology will be more competitive.

In fact, different enterprises have different transformation and upgrading methods. Under such a big trend, floor enterprises can only get closer to success if they find a development strategy suitable for their own upgrading.

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