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The building materials industry develops three main characteristics

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The building materials industry develops three main characteristics

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Over the past 30 years, with the continuous improvement of the living environment of our people, the building materials industry has been developing rapidly. The building materials industry has gone through the process that developed countries need hundreds of years to complete, becoming a fundamental industry that is very important to the national economy. At the same time, the traditional building materials industry as a resource consumption, energy consumption, environmental problems prominent industries, its development model and direction are constantly provoking people's thinking.

Under the new normal form, the national economy will implement the stable development mode of medium-high speed growth, structural optimization and innovation-driven development. There is no doubt that the traditional development model of the building materials industry will be greatly challenged, and the growth rate and the way of growth will be greatly adjusted. The general judgment is that the growth of traditional building materials is not large, and the transformation of structural adjustment and growth mode is focused on. Green building materials with concepts such as safety, environmental protection, health, energy conservation and intelligence will be developed and become the propeller of industry growth.

The first feature of the new normal is that economic growth has shifted from rapid growth to medium-high growth. In the past ten years, thanks to the country's infrastructure investment and the rapid development of the real estate industry, the growth rate of the building materials industry has remained at above 20%. Leading building materials industry of traditional industries such as cement, glass though has serious overcapacity, but the stimulus of national macroeconomic policies and driven by the interests of the acquisition, still keep high speed growth.

Under the new normal, economic growth is slowing down, which is the inevitable trend of the building materials industry. We analyzes believed that in the national macro economy, and the effect of policy and market factors, combined with structural adjustment factors, traditional building materials especially basic building materials industry development will slow further, main task is to digest capacity, growth may be reduced to below 1%. However, green building materials will continue to grow at a high speed, and new energy saving and environmental building materials will even have an explosive growth opportunity. The main reason is that in maintaining the high speed growth of the building materials industry, the contraction of traditional building materials gives a relatively broad space for growth of green building materials. The second is China's 42 billion square meters of existing buildings, which still have a huge market demand for energy conservation and redecoration. Third, China's urbanization and new rural construction are still the basic policies and direction of the country for quite some time. Four is subject to the bottleneck of resources, energy, environmental pollution, and boost the public's awareness of environmental protection, green building materials will gradually from the subordinate position to the dominant position, eventually leading the development of Chinese building materials industry.

The second characteristic of the new normal is the upgrading of economic structure. In the building materials industry, it is structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. The structural adjustment is to take the benefit as the premise, after the labor pains to realize the industrial transformation and upgrading, it is impossible to complete the adjustment by spontaneous behavior, insufficient motivation, insufficient pressure. In the case of cement, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) began regulating the industry in 2008, and listed a series of restrictive policies. But it wasn't until 2014, when the production of cement clinker production line still have 54, total capacity of up to more than 7000, ten thousand tons, the main reason is because the rapid growth of the economy in the past, pull the base building materials investment, make the local new or expansion projects on desire is still strong. The result is that rapid growth masks structural contradictions, and objectively provides an umbrella for traditional building materials, preventing the development of new green building materials.

The structural adjustment advocated by the new normal form is based on the premise of decreasing the speed and optimizing the structure. The end of the heroic age of GDP is a great opportunity for green building materials to turn over and develop, which will be a watershed in the restructuring process of the building materials industry.

The third feature of the new normal is that economic growth is driven by factors, investment driven and innovation-driven. The traditional building materials technology is mature, the craft is finalised, the space of innovation is limited, and the green building material belongs to the new industry, and there is a vast space of innovation in the product, technology, process and equipment. Similar to other industries, the green building materials industry faces some obstacles on the path of innovation: system, mechanism and concept. The new normal form of mixed ownership will have a big breakthrough in preventing the biggest institutional problems and further influence the mechanism design in the innovation process. As for the change of concept, it is a gradual process to build on the values formed after the transformation of institutional mechanism. The growth mode driven by factors and investment will gradually end, and the new green building materials industry with innovative genes will usher in historic development opportunities in the new normal form.

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