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The production capacity of the board to boost the industrial transformation and upgrading of the building materials

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The production capacity of the board to boost the industrial transformation and upgrading of the building materials

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Under the state council recently issued by the "about promoting building materials industrial restructuring increases efficiency of steady growth of guidance", in order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of building materials industry, structural adjustment and pointed out the direction of steady growth, provide the policy basis.


China building materials federation and China cement association, China building glass and industrial glass association, from different angles, respectively on the depth of "opinion" has carried on the interpretation of this version will be published in three phase, with readers.


Building materials industry is an important basic material industry, which is also an important industry to support national economic development, national defense construction, improvement of living conditions and protecting ecological environment. In the building materials industry transformation and upgrading to deep turn to supply side reform to capacity, short board, the key moment of the structure and the steady growth, the state council paid close attention to the transformation of the building materials industry, in December of last year alone to listen to China association of building materials building materials industry steady growth after adjust the structure of the report, and entrust the ministry of industry and information technology such as government departments to repeatedly listen to the industry association and China building materials of big companies reporting, to the question in the current building materials industrial economic operation and the long-term accumulated some contradictions carried on the thorough understanding. On this basis, the recently issued "about building materials industry steady growth increasing benefits restructuring guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), in order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of building materials industry, structural adjustment and pointed out the direction of steady growth, provide the policy basis.


The opinions fully reflect the development requirements of the building materials industry


The introduction of "opinions" is a great event for the building materials industry which is in the process of transformation and development. Last year was the first time in nearly two decades of the state council special listen to building materials industry report, this year for the first time in nearly two decades of the state council issued a guidance for building materials industry independence, fully embodies the concern for building materials industry and support the CPC central committee and the state council. "Opinions" put forward in the next period to building materials industry transformation and upgrading of production capacity, authors, increase the overall requirements and major tasks and policy measures, content is very comprehensive, especially to dissolve the cement and flat glass overcapacity very specific goals and requirements are put forward. We believe that, with the "opinions" in the national implementation of the national government departments and provinces subsequent more specific policies and implementation of local government, as the play of the role of industry associations at all levels, along with the influential large enterprises play the leading role, will effectively promote China's building materials industry to capacity, short board, self-discipline, such as supply side structural reform, accelerate the building materials to the pace of industrial restructuring increases efficiency of steady growth.


The opinions fully reflect the requirements of the government and various associations for the development of the building materials industry. "Opinion" judgment and analysis of the basic situation at present building materials industry is an objective, in-depth, the main contradiction existing in industry of revealed that accurately reflect the actual situation, the measures and demands have very strong pertinence and maneuverability, won the industry attaches great importance to and praise. As long as government departments and municipal governments are required to formulate more specific implementation policies and measures in accordance with the opinions, opinions will be a turning point in the development of the industry.


Controlling the new capacity and reducing excess capacity is the key to the real growth of the building materials industry


For a long time, the main industry of building materials industry has developed with the technology of thunder and technology, which has resulted in a serious excess of production capacity. In the current situation, there are some local government teamed up with local enterprises blindly new cement, flat glass production capacity, which not only seriously deviated from the "innovation, coordination, green" put forward by the central concept of development, not only with the current market demand is not harmonious, and energy conservation and environmental protection green development not harmonious, but also with the pace of social progress and scientific and technological innovation. Although shout to capacity every year over the past few years, but a continuation of the new capacity, but the capacity to more more, capacity utilization rate lower than a year, a year is inherently have worsened the out-of-order competition, loss of enterprises large area increase, industry profits fell sharply. Therefore, without curbing the new capacity and reducing excess capacity, the steady growth of the building materials industry will be impossible to guarantee.


In response to severe overcapacity such as cement and flat glass, the opinion proposed several major measures, such as the ban on new capacity, the elimination of backward production capacity, the promotion of joint restructuring and the implementation of false peak production. Among them, control capacity new is premise. "Before the end of 2020, the construction of cement clinker and flat glass construction projects will be strictly prohibited for the record and construction of new capacity," the guideline stated. This will help to curb new capacity from the source, as long as people earnestly implement the opinions, there is hope for steady growth. At the same time, the "opinions" requirement of existing cement, plate glass projects under construction or constructed to clean up, and perfect and cement, flat glass industry construction project, the region of the country is sent [2013] no. 41 issued by withholding information or illegal items, will make a public announcement, and shall be investigated for responsibility. If governments at all levels hold the responsibility for accountability, the role of the opinion will exert its power. In addition, the opinion also prohibits the use of other names to add capacity. Using cement kilns to deal with urban solid waste projects and new industrial glass projects, we must rely on existing production lines for the transformation of non-expansion capacity. These measures, which control new capacity, are essential, so long as they are fully implemented, the goal of curbing the new capacity of cement and flat glass will be realized.


Eliminating backward production capacity is the key to reducing capacity. China building materials association specially submit to the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and information technology, the project report, and strongly advocated adopting new backward in the industry standards of production line of cement and flat glass. In the "opinions" fully reflects the industry's advice, namely USES the environmental protection, energy consumption, quality and safety of national compulsory standards, to further increase the intensity of backward production capacity, the closure of overall volume of pollutants can not meet the requirements or over-quota, energy consumption, product quality can not meet the national compulsory standards, standardization of production safety and production safety conditions can not meet the requirements of the rectification and after 6 months still substandard product line. We believe that as long as the opinions are strictly implemented, we can eliminate 500 million tons of outdated cement production capacity and 200 million boxes of outdated glass capacity within three years.


In addition, the "opinions" also will support superior enterprises use of market-oriented means to promote joint reorganization, explore the large-scale cement and flat glass enterprise jointly set up special funds for industrial structure adjustment capacity for award for active exit. This will be a key new step to capacity building, the first innovation at the national level, and the full use of market-based mechanisms. The China building materials association and the China cement association submitted the special report to the government departments earlier this year. As a comprehensive industry association, China building materials federation is actively following the spirit of "opinions" and working with relevant government departments and large enterprises to promote the establishment of special funds for structural adjustment.


Of course, so as to realize the goal of reduce capacity, implementation of elimination and exit mechanism, need to relevant government departments and local governments shall, in accordance with the "opinions" requirement, operational supporting policies and measures. The China building materials federation will cooperate with the government in further elaborating and implementing measures and organizing relevant industry associations to carry out pilot projects. In containing new capacity, building materials association also called for further perfecting the system of project examination and approval, change interests, drivers, policymakers trinity system, and strengthening project in advance, matter and afterwards certified and supervision; In terms of backward production capacity, with the strict law enforcement and supervision, and further increase the law enforcement supervision and frequency, power and organize the third party impartial testing or evaluation, establish the backward production database, power industry association has itself at all levels should be as a third party to participate in the evaluation and supervision; In terms of merger and reorganization, China building materials association and relevant professional association will actively organize relevant large enterprise groups according to the "opinions" requirement, to explore new measures such as mergers and holding each other, exchange capacity, in the big mergers and reorganization of enterprises by large enterprise itself eliminate backward production capacity is an effective path to reduce production capacity.


The key to transform and adjust the structure is to make up the short patch


Building materials industry in the economic development of our country after entering the new normal is not serious compatibility, the surface is "surplus" and "less than", its essence is not sure to handle the balance between demand and supply. On the one hand, many industries have reached a severe excess, but on the other hand, there is a severe shortage of high-end products and products of new industries, new materials and new demands. Low-end development in the building materials industry is not the purpose and pursuit. From the perspective of development, high-end development has become inevitable. "Opinion" is very timely, puts forward the direction of the development of building materials industry transformation, domain and path, pointed out the direction for the further optimization of building materials industry structure, provides the driving force.


"Opinion" major industry for building materials, put forward the direction of the fill short board, promote the transformation: in terms of cement and its products, put forward "to stop production of composite Portland cement 32.5 grade, key production 42.5 and above grade product, speed up the development of special cement, sand and gravel aggregate, concrete admixtures, ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar, cement products and parts products", etc.; In the aspect of high-end glass development, it is proposed to "promote the application of low-e (low-e) glass panels to develop new products such as photovoltaic (pv) integrated glass products, electrochromic glass, etc." At the same time, it also pointed out the direction of development for ceramic, wall materials, new materials and technical equipment.


It is the main means and the basic way to solve the contradictions of the building materials industrial structure by adding the short board and adding new demand. The China building materials federation has organized the industrial forces to focus on the innovation of the two secondary technologies of cement and plate glass, guiding the two industries to high-end development. Next, on the one hand, we will implement the "opinions", points out the target, on the other hand, to set up a comprehensive promote the emerging industry, new materials and green building materials production and applications of catalogue and measures for its implementation, to expand in four aspects, the innovation, extension and development of emerging industries, namely: on the basis of screening will be good growth, will guide, the whole construction machinery has demand of emerging industry achieve scale development; The technology of high - grade carbon fiber, high - grade graphene processing products and other technology high - level emerging industries to make technological breakthrough; Extend the existing advantage products to electronic, military, transportation, energy and other application fields; Change the function and performance of traditional building materials and make it a new industry product. Be clear on goal, field support and clear the ground, including development areas, regions, products, will be responsible to the specific enterprise, responsible, to break the deadlock, the building materials industry structure adjustment work into effect.


Industry self-discipline is the key to steady growth


Building materials industry excess capacity, the main cause of industry economic benefits plunged have direct relationship with the growth rate and market saturation, but the current industry lack of self-discipline is the root cause. Some building materials enterprises in spite of the economic law, for the sake of so-called market share and compete on price, cause serious disconnection between price and value, the formation of disorderly competition, the vicious circle, make the most of the benefit of the enterprise should get wasted. The building materials industry has not yet established a restrictive role, and has been accepted and followed by most enterprises, and has not formed a professional ethics concept and a good culture. In our country, the laws and regulations are being gradually established and perfected today, the industry self-discipline is very important, to realize the increasing benefit of the building materials industry, the industry self-discipline must be strengthened.


"The opinions" clearly put forward the role of the association, "perfecting the rules and regulations, strengthening the self-discipline of the industry, guiding enterprises to abide by the rules and regulations, regulating their operations, and being honest and trustworthy and fair competition". China building materials federation will be in accordance with the "opinions" requirement, with the area as the main body, provincial, municipal organization member of industry associations and large enterprises to establish a regional market to environmental governance organization and behavior rule, established a perfect have certain restriction effect of the guild regulations HangYao, to curb the region's new capacity, accelerate the backward production capacity, promote regional enterprise merger and reorganization, organization area between the various indicators of the same type enterprise, corporate authors synergies, organize production according to market demand, coordination area to promote peak production, control and processing area is lower than the cost of sales and disorderly competition, competitive markets in the region to establish a good environment, escort for the enterprise development, provide guarantee for industry efficiency.

We believe that the implementation of the opinions will be further promoted with the implementation of specific measures and policies of the relevant government departments and local governments. China building materials federation will be seriously study and deeply understand the spirit of "opinion", held by the local industry association, big enterprise, the professional association to participate in the implementation of "opinions" mobilization meeting, for specific deployment, and joined the professional association, the provincial and municipal building materials association, large enterprises, vice President of units, etc., earnestly study and implement the opinion, layers of implementation, together with the government in power play agency, at the same time release backward guidance catalogue, to develop green building materials and implementation plan, promote the international cooperation capacity efforts, to achieve the overall goal of the "opinions" and make unremitting struggle. (to continue)


On the building materials industry steady growth increasing benefits restructuring guidance ", in order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of building materials industry, structural adjustment and pointed out the direction of steady growth, provide the policy basis.

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