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Use of the aluminum ceiling

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Use of the aluminum ceiling

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In the past, people had the impression of the ceiling, but stayed in "a piece of white flower cement", but they did not know that the ceiling was very important in the family decoration. In addition, the ceiling is decorated to be able to cover the pillar, the line, the insulation, the sound insulation and so on. In addition, the modelling design of the ceiling is wonderful changeful, each kind can create different adornment effect. When you decorate a new house, may as well give your room condole top change form.


Reserve lamp groove good illume: this is the most basic function of condole top, all sorts of lamps and lanterns is hidden inside condole top, form reflect illuminant, create sweet effect to the bedroom. Clean new sky in the kitchen: plastic gusset is now the most popular kitchen ceiling adornment material, not only have very good moistureproof sex, and use a dishcloth to dip a clean and clean essence a clean. There is also a kind of metal condole top material also began to become popular, its adornment effect is better, just the price is only slightly now expensive. The herringbone roof is decorated: some of the family type can have traditional herringbone roof, if use plank to wrap up, design the style of ancient eaves, can bring thick primitive appeal to the space. The condole of large area space: if the sitting room area is very big, can design more complex condole top, make the ceiling of plane shows stereo feeling. Direct and qu's dialogue: if you suspect that the home decoration line is too straight, too hard, you can design a ceiling with a curve, make the visual effect of the room change a little bit. The white ceiling of classical style: adornment board that decorates classical flavour on the ceiling, cooperate modelling the branch droplight that is complicated, make originally empty the ceiling is rich.

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